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Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) is related with Poets & Writers, certainly, could transform the terminology, as well as I think that continuing to call them rankings is deceiving. I question how many people actually review the amazingly long-winded explanation of the “methods” behind this intended ranking system? I’ve reviewed shorter “methods” sections in reputable scientific journal write-ups.

The artist also continues referring to this survey as “the national rankings.” When he provided the program where I gained my MFA as one of the “top twenty-five underrated” programs (in addition to the University of Florida!). He was specifying “underrated” according to the choices of those that reacted to his site. (So it was his OPINION, after that, that these programs are underrated? Doesn’t the existence of such a checklist highlight the flaw in this approach?

Best MFA writing program is famous and I appreciate that it was a minimum of mentioned that my program was in his participants’ leading 50 choices, but describing those responses as “the national rankings” is an awfully overblown method of placing it. (What various other national positions could he be describing? The United States News & World News positions– additionally a poll– that he dismisses at wonderful size? My program remained in the top twenty on that particular listing.

I’ll admit that I wish I don’t obtain an extensive feedback from Seth; if it’s not a clinical poll, then there’s no demand for him to safeguard his top-50 listing’s credibility; after all, validity– at least in the analytical sense– does not apply to this method. An issue I have:  In the very first year that Seth noted “selectivity” for programs, my program (the College of Arkansas) remained in his twenty “most selective” programs (Iowa didn’t quite make it). According to his selectivity listings since then, my program has actually become much less discerning than it remained in comparison with others.

Whether it’s really ended up being much less selective than several of those other programs, I can’t say. If it HAS, I hope that’s not because of this poll. I recognize from observation that numerous MFA candidates do only superficial study into MFA programs, and that a lot of them would love absolutely nothing more than for somebody else to do that “study” for them.