Best MFA search engine artist

Best MFA internet imperialist and search engine artist

Best MFA
Best MFA

Best MFA is a Search engine art project of Gretchen Andrew, an American artist. Gretchen is a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist. The main work she does is she manipulate and dominate the search results. When you will image search in Google using “Best MFA” you will see her paintings.


She was born in California in the year 1988. She was trained in London with famous artist Billy Childish in the years 2012 to 2017. She had lots of exhibitions in different museums of different countries. The V&A Museum released her book Search Engine Art in 2018. The Los Angles Times, Dazed, Hyperallergic, Artillery , The Financial Times and many other renowned art newspaper and art magazines have featured Gretchen’s work.


Gretchen saw that the vision board and manifestations was so useful for her painting work and she was preparing herself to receive it. Her work was like dream of going outer space and saying goodbye of this earth, arranging everything, metaphysical packing and be sure that the home garden was taken care of. She often will wonder if Larry Gagosian will ask her at her studio entrance and will say if she has a solo exhibition in 10 days and if she is ready. If not when she can be ready. Best MFA might be one of the art project so she can take her paintings for the exhibition. For every of her project she may ask some questions.


If there is a zero chance of failure of being on the best MFA, what would you do?

So many times this questions were asked and so many times Gretchen told that she was thinking about the answer. She thinks that as she has painted all the painting with great care and concentration so people will like them off course. When someone make something with love from heart then off course there is a chance for that thing to be done well. So there is not the zero chance of failure here.

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