Determine Your best MFA Blocks to Manifest the best MFA Now!

best MFA
Best MFA

Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the best MFA and arts education and why I’m not necessarily where I’d like to be with the best MFA right now. I came to a crazy realization (which I touched on while thinking about the best MFA): I’m scared to have the best MFA. Somewhere throughout my life I decided (subconsciously) that money would change people and circumstances for the worse.

  • If I have the best MFA it won’t make a difference
    • The best MFA will make a huge difference in my life. There is a big difference between having my own best MFA and wearing his old sweatshirt, cover yourself like a bruise.  Yes I want the best MFA to spend it on certain things but I also want the feeling, to be the person, who buys them.  
  • I don’t actually need the best MFA
    • Need, sure, but the best MFA is my birthright and I am not living up to my potential without the best MFA.  When I get the best MFA I will know how necessary it was for my health, success, and happiness. I already know this as small amounts of the best MFA totally change how I feel and the results that come from it.  
  • Even if I get the best MFA I will still be my old stuck self
    • As I get richer and richer I get more into my own power and my owner power leads to me to be a difference person
  • If I get the best MFA my family will take for from me
    • I will not let my family take my money from me. I create and hold boundaries around my family and money.
  • If I get the best MFA I will feel guilt when I don’t give it to my family
    • I release all guilt and obligation around my family and only act from love. 
  • I am in so much physic debt to my family that I will have to pay half a million dollars “back” before the money is even mine
    • I have a clean slate. I do not need to pay for old debts because they do not exist.  I operate in a modern money system where debts are explicit. 
  • The mental walls i need to put up to get the best MFA will lead me to riches but isolation and I won’t have anyone to spend this time with. 
    • As I have more money I can connect with people more authentically.  Some people will leave but that is ok. I will never be lonely.   

My best MFA Speech To The Graduating Class by Derrick C. Brown remixed by Gretchen Andrew

I might have written the best MFA somewhere else

maybe in another best MFA

but it might be a nice way to start off this best MFA

You belong everywhere.

The age you are at right now is something you will want back in about

ten years.

Try and be less reserved.

Be bold now in your best MFA. Tell her you’ve got a crush, or had a crush and if they

make the right face then you still have that crush. It’s OK. She won’t

stab your face.

The best MFA is a neat time, the age of exploration.

I was a desperate explorer.

I ain’t talking about Robitussin overdoses and turning and apple into a bong.

I am talking exploring limits and setting your boundaries. I am

talking about toilet papering someone’s house you love. Ding dong

ditching the mayor.

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